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Spring Cleaning Services In Dubai

All houses go through an exhaustive clean once a year. Spring cleaning is an essential chore, all house owners must carry out. However it can be quiet a hassle. First Call offers professional spring cleaning services in Dubai for villas and apartments. Therefore, sit back and relax and let our specialized spring cleaning housemaids do the job. Our house spring cleaning services offers regular and deep cleaning of the kitchen areas and cupboards thoroughly. We also carry out scrubbing of all the regularly-touched surfaces such as doors, window frames, and skirting boards. Our house maids specially prepare a comprehensive spring cleaning checklist which is printable for the reference of our clients. 

Our Top Spring Cleaning Tips

If you are planning to handle the entire spring cleaning task yourself, below are few to help make the chore easier:

1) You should ensure to use limited quality spring cleaning services and products. They should basically consist of window/glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, tile or stone cleaner and most importantly toilet cleaners.

2) First Call follows a standard way of spring cleaning in Dubai that produces effective results. You should clean from the top level of your home to the bottom or left to right depending on the size of your house.

3) Our spring cleaning company advises to dust the place first and then vacuum it. This is because then the dust won’t get accumulated during the vacuum. This is an essential point available in our printable spring cleaning checklist.

4) The best cloth for dusting is a soggy, clean, microfiber cloth. This accumulates all the dust from the dirty places and cleans it instantly. 

5) The process of removing food from inside the microwave can be tiresome. When spring cleaning in Dubai, we advise to fill a cup with water and microwave it. This meaning on full power for a few minutes. The condensation will help reduce the splatters to wipe off easily.

6) The use of toothbrush for cleaning is very helpful. This assists in cleaning hard-to-reach areas in the bathroom and kitchen during any spring cleaning services.

7) When cleaning windows wipe the interior side of the glass horizontally and the exterior side vertically. This way it will be easy to determine if the streaks are inside or out.

8) Get rid of cobwebs in hard-to-reach corners and crevices with a feather duster. This is also good to use on lampshades which can look grey and dusty in a brighter spring light.


“Martha and I have never been so satisfied with a cleaning service. The spring cleaning services in JLT has been extraordinary and the professionalism of the housemaids was phenomenal. “– Mike and Martha Spicer

“I would like to thank the amazing maids of First Call and their expert spring cleaning services. On the weekend, they did a superb job cleaning our entire apartment clean and refreshed” – Muhammad R.

“Jennifer is one of the most responsible, thorough and expert home cleaner from First call that I have ever worked with! As a working mother her support with the spring cleaning was honorable. She not only cleansed my house spotless but she is like part of our small family. I highly applaud her spring cleaning services. “  Prashanth C.