First Call Cleaning

Move In And Out Cleaning Services

The process of Moving is always stressful irrespective of how anybody handles this. First Call Cleaning service has been in the market for specialized move in and out cleaning in Dubai. Our housecleaners are trained in this specific task to ensure the whole house is scrubbed and cleaned accordingly. Whether you require move out house cleaning, our maids will cleanse the entire place from dust, cobwebs, dirt, stains and much more. When you are planning to move in a new place, the home maids clean the mess surrounding the place with are exclusive move in cleaning. Your house shall be ready for a brand-new start. Contact our housecleaners or book on the site itself then accordingly we shall provide you the best cleaning service rates.


Range of Move In/Out Cleaning Services:

• Dusting and sanitizing of doors, wardrobes and other wooden fixtures.
• Cleaning of bathrooms. 
• Balcony and rails washing.
• Interior windows.
• Scrubbing of floor area.
• Dusting & vacuuming of entire property.
• Kitchen cabinets dusting and sanitizing.
• Grease removal from kitchen walls.
• Grease removal from kitchen walls
• Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
• Thorough cleaning of all cabinetry (Kitchen)
• Buffing and Scrubbing of Floor Areas
• Internal and External window washing
• Cleaning of doors, wardrobes and other wooden fixtures
• Dusting and Vacuuming.
• Bathroom Cleaning
• Balcony Cleaning

Additional Cost For Deep Cleaning Service:

• Steam Cleaning and Sanitization
• Disinfecting bathrooms, kitchens etc.
• Grout Steam Cleaning
• Grease Removal in ovens
• Balcony Cleaning
• Pressure Washing of patio and paved areas (for villas)
• Machine Scrubbing of all flooring
• Steam and Disinfect all floors.
• Thorough cleaning of cabinets (inside and outside)
• Thorough dusting and vacuuming of entire apartment.
• AC ventilation dusting and washing
• Internal & External Thorough Window Cleaning

Our Move In/Out Cleaning Rates

• Regular Cleaning Service Rates - Villas and Apartments AED 35 per hour.

• Deluxe Deep Cleaning – Additional AED 10 on the regular price.


“I was moved out of my place last month and I am so glad I called upon First Call’s move out house cleaning service. All the dirt, dust and unnecessary garbage and boxes were cleared out marvelously, leaving the house spotless and clean. - Keegan A.

“Thank you to the wonderful housecleaners at First Call! The deep cleaning service was remarkable and our new house has never looked this clean Thank You!” -Mohammad A.

“First Call’s move in and move out cleaning services is highly dependable and professional in their work. Me and my wife really appreciated their hard work when we moved out of our apartment – Amina S.