First Call Cleaning

Event Cleaning Service

We represent the best event cleaning company in Dubai where we offer event cleaning, after party cleaning, wedding clean up, wedding cleaning services or any special event cleaning services in Dubai. You can enjoy the event by hiring our event cleaning crew at your convenience schedule.
The time your party ends, you can contact for after event cleaning services in Dubai through our website. Our company’s event cleaning services prices may vary from event to event.


Event Cleaning Works Include

Deep and thorough Venue Cleaning

We know getting deep cleaning done is a time-consuming work, therefore, we offer deep event cleaning services post-event and after event thoroughly.

Emptying Bins And Trash Removal

We ensure to empty your trash cans and home bins after you’re done with the event.

Washroom, Toilet, Sink Cleaning

This service allows you to keep your commodes, wash basins and toilets spotlessly clean by hiring our event cleaning crew during and after your event timings.

Floor Cleanings

You can hire our cleaning experts for services like sweeping, mopping and/or polishing floors for your special events.

Get Rid of Litter

The course of getting rid of litter made during the party often stresses a person. This you can simply contact our professional cleaners and get rid of all party litter.

Carpets Cleanings

We also offer cleaning services like dry methods, vacuum cleaning and steam procedure for your carpets as per your cleaning requirement.

Kitchen Cleanings

First Call has an expert cleaning team who can tidy your kitchen sinks, floor, cupboards, and cutlery as per your cleaning requirement.

Cleaning Trash from Property Surrounding

The event parties often give you hassle for cleaning not only your houses but its related surroundings like your garden, roads, outside pavements etc. We ensure to provide you with professional cleaners who’ll clean trash from all adjacent property surroundings for sure.


• The call for after-event cleaning services in Dubai is definitely a very awesome deal. We are in love with First Call’s event clean up service in Dubai. Sean S. 

• The Hiring clean up-crew wedding has never been so easy. I just got my event cleaning crew hired!  Alex R.

How to Book Event Cleaning Services

You can book best event cleaning services in Dubai in three easy steps:

Sign Up On Our Website

Log on to our official website and fill super easy requirements for signing up. Then you can sign up to hire event cleaning crew for clean-up services for events

Schedule Your Convenient Time

You can choose an appropriate time for event cleaning crew for event cleaning services at affordable prices.

Online Payment Method

We give full privilege to our customers to pay online for event clean up services.